Ed White

Born in Stoke-on-Trent, England, guitarist Edward White grew up in an artistic family where his father was a carpenter and his mother an interior designer. While the arts were appreciated and supported, it was within the world of music that he found his place to express himself. Edward started playing guitar at the age of sixteen shortly before he moved to Florida with his family. Through this relocation, he discovered his love for jazz music, and it has become his primary focus ever since. Edward went on to study under guitarist Dr. Leo Welch at Florida State University. In 2015 he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies. Since then he has had an internship at Indian River State College where he worked under Dr. John Southall as an assistant band director to the Jazz Band and Jazz Combo. Currently, Edward is enrolled at the University of Florida where he is working towards a Masters in Music Education. He is also working as a performing musician in South Florida while teaching privately.